PLA Rules

🤝Respect and good manners are the be-all and end-all 

The PLA may change the rulebook at any time

Conditions of participation & general conditions

  • PS4/PS5 version & latest FIFA version 
  • WhatsApp mandatory
  • Entry fee = PLA1  = 30€     PLA2 = 27,50€     PLA3 = 25€
  • PLA Deluxe = 10 € (validity = 1 season)  
  • 2 flexible games per week (free choice of dates) 
  • Send the images from: 
    ID list
    via WhatsApp 

Rules of the game

  • League 1 : 10+1
  • League 2: 9+1
  • League 3: 8+1
  • PLA Trophy: open 
  • A game may also be played with fewer players if the opponent agrees.
  • 10 Min Invitation time
  • Alias ID compulsory 
  • 5 min rule - Evidence video always necessary in case of dispute 
  • No TW blocking (in game deciding situations this can lead to def. lots)
  • At free kick No player on the goal line 
  • Lupfer penalty forbidden
  • TW pants on field forbidden 
  • Time play forbidden (2 ingame minutes) 
  • No card bans
  • Pictures must be kept (14 days)  


  • Squad & player registrations must be made on time via the homepage 
  • Emergency transfers must be reported on the day of the match until 6 p.m. via the homepage
  • Players are eligible to play as soon as they appear on the homepage. 
  • Each player may only be registered and play for 1 club (breach of rules = def. lots) 
  • Squad size = Min 12 players to Max 25 players (PLA Deluxe = max 30 players) 
  • 5 emergency transfers per half season possible (PLA Deluxe = 10 emergency transfers) 
  • Departures may be cancelled with PLA Delxue
  • Any transfers and departures are allowed during the transfer window
  • Name changes of the ID are also considered as transfers or emergency transfers. 

Match agreements

  • The home team proposes 3 dates, preferably on three different days, appointments must be verifiable in writing (WhatsApp) 
  • Matches may only be postponed 6 hours before the start of the match, unless the teams find a new date 
  • Games must be scheduled by 3pm on Saturday and communicated to admins if not played in the regular week. 
  • No rescheduling allowed 
  • Legal game postponements must be agreed to by the opponent, remains goodwill, (if it is too, short notice of course goodwill is not expected) 
  • No postponement to following week possible in case of:
  • League = last matchday of a half-series in the league. 
  • Cup matches


Withdrawals & disqualifications

  • Rule violations are punished at the discretion of the PLA management
  • Def. wins will always be scored 3:0 
  • Teams of dropouts will always be scored 0:1
  • Dropouts will not be refunded a fee 
  • All games played by drop-outs will be scored 0:1 until the penultimate matchday of the half-series.
  • If a team withdraws after the completion of the half-series, the results remain valid. 
  • Until the last matchday of the first half of the series, new teams from the lowest division of a nation may replace the team that has dropped out (with 0 points).